What is elo boosting?
Elo meaning is the practice of hiring a high level player to play on your account in order to ‘elo boost‘ your play levels. Either to get you out of ELO-hell, or boost you to a higher rewards level before end of season rewards. You might ask how this works; usually you would pay for a package or account online, once paid and opened you use your account to give the log ins for your game profile. Then a high level booster logs into your profile to play your game. This allows the booster to gain you higher levels or get you out of ELO-hell. Once the agreed level boosting is completed the booster logs out of your account and you then play at the higher level.


Beginners will love getting a boost with ELO boosters. It is rough to advance to new levels when you are just starting out. That is one of the important benefits of boost. It help new players get going without getting too frustrated.

Experienced players also love getting the important benefits of boost when they hit a level that just stumps them, and have exhausted all their tricks. It is not like a cheat it is just a boost to help you along. Or many experienced players also use the coaching aspect of the boost. This allows the players to learn new tricks and not just get a boost through a level or several, but learn new ways to play and improve their skills.

So there are important benefits of boost, as a beginner or an experienced player. It is not just about getting past a level, it is about learning new and improved skills to make you a better overall player.

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