Is lol boosting safe?

There is always a risk but we take all precautions by using a VPN.

Lol servers available to boost?

√ NA

√ EU West

√ EU East & Nordic

√ Brazil

√ Turkey

√ Oceania


When do you start my boost after I make a purchase?

Your order will start in a few hours.

How long does my lol boost take?

Depending on your order, we will try to finish it as soon as possible and we will try to start asap.

Will my account be banned?

There is always a chance to be banned for eloboost, but we take all the precautions to minimize that risk by using VPN.

Do the LOL Patches delay the boost?


Do you accept any kind of refund?

A partial refund will be given based on the percentage of work we’ve completed.

Can I play on my account after I made the order?


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