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Lol boost (EBK) run in Europe West (elo boost EUW), North America (NA), Europe North & East (EUNE), Oceania Australia & New Zealand (OCE), Turkey (TR), Brasil/Brazil (BR), Latin The u.s.a South (LAS), Latin The u.s.a North (LAN), and Russia (RU).

We provide boosts for League of Legends such as division boosts, Placement Matches, ranked games, coaching, unranked lol account fresh level 30, as well as quick guides! You are also able to DUO Queue boost with our boosters!

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Guaranteed League / Division Boosting

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(10 customer reviews)
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10 reviews for Guaranteed League / Division Boosting

  1. D. Richards

    The greatest and the cheapest boost I had so far :), this was really a great experience. Reliable, I will recommend you guys to all my friends and I am sure they will enjoy the boost. Great job, thanks!

  2. Frederick

    Silver 1 to Gold 5 was done in just a few hours, thanks Eloboostkings!

  3. The King

    Just ordered an s5 to s2, although they toked them 5 hours to start, I can’t complain too much, in few hours after they started my acc was already on s3 🙂

  4. Thomas W.

    My order plat 1 – Diamond 5 was completed in just 1 day, thanks guys

  5. jerry l

    My order was b4 to b2, and it started 1 hours after I made the payment and a few hours later was done, great services!

  6. Nick S.

    Bronze 2 to silver 5 in 1 day, 95% win ration, thanks alot

  7. jake lo.

    Gold 2 to Platinum 5 in just 1 day, it was lightning fast, and I got an extra win at the end of the order for extra points,Love you all

  8. Brian A.

    Although at first I was a bit worried, I order an boost from Gold 4 to Gold 2.
    The start was a bit slow, after 5 hours after I placed the order, but the completion speed was around 1 day

  9. Championlol

    Very impressive boost, I ordered from Gold V to Plat V and the work was done in just a few days.
    Keep up the good work

  10. Joseph D.

    Hey, I had such a great boosting experience with you guys that I just had to brag a little on my booster. He was playing on Joke**** in NA and he did a really good job making the boost fun and quick.

    I’m so glad that you were able to provide me with a booster so quickly, and I got more than I asked for out of my booster.

    I feel like I had to say something because you have the cheapest elo boosting I have seen, and much quicker than my last boost from a different site.

    Thank you for the great boosting experience,

    Joseph D.

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From  2.69

(4 customer reviews)

4 reviews for DUO QUEUE BOOSTING

  1. A, John

    best duo q services

  2. Joseph

    6 duo q games that I ordered and I got 7 wins , don’t know why, but thanks guys, it was done quick, in like only few hours.


    ordered 15 wins in silver , they started right away, andI was lucky and I even got some extra wins for free from the boosters, thanks alot guys, great services

  4. Mark Ed.

    bought 15 games and got like 17 wins, thanks 🙂

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Placement Matches Season 6

From  3.14

(2 customer reviews)
SKU: Placement Games

2 reviews for Placement Matches Season 6

  1. Michael

    Just bought 3 placement matches and after 20 min we already started, thanks Elo Boost Kings

  2. Tony Botteon

    2016-02-27 is the date I placed my order, and 2016-02-28 is the date the order was done
    8 games, 8 wins out of 8 wow, I will definitely order again!

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Win Boosting

From  3.59

(2 customer reviews)
SKU: Win Boosting

2 reviews for Win Boosting

  1. Kristian Larsen

    Placed an order for Gold 6 wins, I’ve got the order completed in 1 day with 80% win ratio, I enjoyed watching the booster play on my account

  2. Challysmurfer

    Played an order for 5 wins. Happy with result. Great customer service.

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Normal Draft

From  13.47

SKU: Normal Draft


There are no reviews yet.

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Why ShouId I order my League of Legends elo boost from Elo Boost Kings?


We constantly looking at our boost lol competitors. We make sure every week that we have the best prices amongst the entire lol elo boosting industry. Our cheap elo boost prices starts from only 3$


As one of our most best league boosting security measures from many, our elo boosters use 256 bit AES encrypted VPN’s with GEOLOCATED IP’s. Our other secret and strict procedures makes sure your account is never at risk.


We selected the best elo boost lol players. Challenger, Master, and Diamond 1 only. And this means less losses and faster wins, your order gets completed faster!


We offer you the best treatment, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. If there is any ranked boost problem, we wont hesitate to solve it.

We use PayPal to process payments

Testimonials – What do our customers say about us.

  • The greatest and the cheapest boost I had so far :), this was really a great experience. Reliable, I will recommend you guys to all my friends and I am sure they will enjoy the boost. Great job, thanks!

    read more

    D. Richards
    Gold V - Platinum V
  • Was hesitant at the beginning, but eventually I decided to give it a go. Great customer service and fast delivery. Will be back for more in the future.

    A. White
    P5 to D2
  • All i can say is that I never saw any better service for lol elo boosting in my life, excellent.

    George Green
    Silver 5 to Gold 1
  • Great and trustworthy website that gives quick results. Very reliable and updates customers on their orders frequently. Would recommend to anyone that needs a quick and well completed boost.

    Stefan Sweet
    Platinum V - Diamond V
  • Just finished getting an account boosted with Elo Boost Kings.great job to the booster.

    Alex Yellow
    Diamond 3 - Diamond 1
  • I bought the boost from Silver 5 to Gold 1, it was very fast, lest than a day.

    Gregor Green
    Silver 5 to Gold 1
  • Elo Boost Kings has very cheap prices, I will always recommend you guys

    Leonardo Grey
    Silver 4 - Silver 1


ELOBOOSTKINGS has many orders from our previous customers, and we have the pictures to show you all

  • Gold Division win games

  • Platinum V – Diamond V

  • Silver V – Gold V

  • Bronze III – Silver V

  • Gold V – Platinum V

  • Diamond III – Master

  • Diamond Series

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If you are in a large uncertainty while playing league of legends do not get tensed and also cool off! Yes, since there are lots of internet sites that have actually launched for the LOL ELO Boost fans to help them in playing the game extremely efficiently. You can boost your elo rating to a greater fix very peace with such service providers. Lol Boosting is Done by the Finest Players from these boosting web sites are becoming preferred with its enhancing demand. Players are choosing these professional gamers to obtain eliminate all trapping degrees of league of legends such as lol boost.

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lol Boosting

Now, let me inform you how league of legends boosting id done by the Best Gamers?

This kind of increasing players are essentially offer by an expert that logs into your account and also play the game or carries out various tasks relating to the video game increasing. If you are a fan of LOL yet do not have significantly time to devote in the video game play to build some solid position which you want excitedly, then you could develop the placement by lol elo boost specialist effortlessly. The provider will provide you the best solution together with a full safety as well as personal privacy that your various other team members even would certainly not be feasible to know about their assistance.

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